Unapologetically Me



Unapologetically Me

8 Week Interactive Course


  • 8 In depth Interactive, Lioness Lessons over the course of 8 weeks
  • 8 Yoga Classes with LL Yoga Online (Click for info)
  • 6 ‘Color Me Quickers’ Adult Coloring Sheets (Click for info)
  • Bossfidence Budgeting PDFs (Click for info)
  • 2 Workouts with Saje Cox Loftin from Saje Cox Fitness (Click for more info)
  • Plus: Gratitude Journal PDF, Self Love Journal Page, Goal Setting PDF, Self Assessments AND MORE!!
  • Access to a “Secret” Facebook group with other women working on being “Unapologetically Me”–This comes in handy for various reasons:
    • Gives you support group
    • Accountability
    • New friends!
    • A safe & supportive way to step out of your comfort zone in ways you never have before with women who begin as total strangers & end up being a part of an online family
    • To get RESULTS you MUST INVEST IN YOURSELF AND PUT IN THE WORK!! ¬†You can’t just buy it & then never do anything with it!! Sign up for video messages from me to be sent to your phone to keep you on the right track & on the path to a new and improved you! Plus when you purchase this program you get unlimited access to me and can message me at ALMOST any time and I will answer you IMMEDIATELY! You are incredibly important to me! If you take the leap of faith to trust me to help guide you on your journey, I honor that by providing you with as much feedback, support & resources as I can, to help you to be successful in reaching your goals. So Picture me as your very own Tinkerbell/Fairy GodMother/Cheerleader & Coach that you will now have IN YOUR CORNER FIGHTING FOR YOU!!

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