Unapologetically Me: Fearless & Flawed

Women and worthiness is one of my hot button topics. I can get really “passionate” when it comes to any debate on this topic, ask any of my close friends. But I get passionate because it’s important to me and it’s important because I used to not be able to see my own worth. I didn’t believe that we can determine our own worth. I was looking to every other resource but myself.

Want to know what made the light bulb come on above my head? A book I read called, The Shack by William P. Young. This book completely changed my view of myself, of God, and just about everything else. This book caused me to start to work on the spiritual part of myself and it lead me to my undergraduate internship at a church working with porn and sex addictions counseling. This internship changed my life for multiple reasons— my supervisor was one of those rare gems of a person who motivated me to dig deep, and to get outside my comfort zone. He was open minded, full of knowledge, good advice, and just the right amount of humor. And he taught me SO much more than I could have ever expected to get out of that experience.

The Shack was just the first step that lead to a domino effect in my life. Once I accepted that I hold the power of my worth everything changed for me.

The Shack book by William P. Young

But it wasn’t just accepting my power it was also a result of my effort to learn more about myself, to see where I was getting in my own way. I learned how I could feel even better by identifying all of the ways my own thinking and way of processing things was flawed. For example, I learned that I am really bad about “predicting” what people are going to think or say and I almost always was predicting negative outcomes. Which just isn’t realistic and neither is thinking that I know how people are going to respond to me in every situation or circumstance. Changing my thinking was a large part of what helped me become a healthier and happier person.

I also learned about boundaries and why they are important and necessary for life and relationships and for taking care of me! I learned the difference between a “safe” and an “unsafe” person and how to protect myself from toxic people who aren’t good for me.

But the most important thing here is that my passion for helping women to see their value comes from an honest place of understanding what it’s like to not be able to see my own value. And it’s also why I think it’s so important for women who are feeling shitty about themselves or doubting their worth, or if they can’t see it at all, or if they are just around people who constantly make them doubt who they are— to make the commitment to focus on themselves.

That’s why I created Unapologetically Me: Fearless & Flawed — which is a 12 week program focused on realizing your worth, building confidence, and understanding how your own thought processes are holding you back and causing you to fail.

Each week is focused on a different topic, for example, “self defeating beliefs” is one topic I Cover where participants will learn what self defeating beliefs are, and then will get a list of common self defeating beliefs to help them identify which self defeating beliefs they might have. Next, participants are given worksheets and exercises to help them change those beliefs to more realistic and healthy beliefs. Lastly, participants are given questions to help them reflect on what they have learned.

In addition, participants will be added to a small, secret Facebook group to discuss progress, problems, successes, etc each week. Plus I will be doing once a week group calls through Zoom to provide more support throughout the program. If you prefer to not work in a group and would rather work one on one, that is also an option, but there is limited availability. So email me ASAP if you are interested at thesmartlioness@gmail.com

I know that my course will help women because these exact tools helped me. I have always had a fear of public speaking, like a lot of people do. In college it took me three attempts at taking my public speaking class before I didn’t give up and drop it, because I was so terrified to have to give speeches in front of the class!

Fast forward several years, after I have done all of this work on myself (and continue to do), and I graduate from Graduate School with my masters in Clinical Mental Health. And then I find a job as a college psychology professor. I CANNOT tell you how nervous I was my first day of class! It was bad! My whole first semester of teaching was pretty difficult for me, mainly because of my fears, and my anxiety! BUT! I kept going, I kept teaching & showing up and I kept getting better, and less nervous each time. I stayed positive, and tried to be prepared, and I used the coping skills I learned in my personal development to keep myself from going insane or having a total meltdown!

Five years later I’m still teaching psychology and I love my job! Every new semester that begins I still get a little nervous on the first day but as soon as I get into class and see how nervous the students are as well, it relaxes me and reminds me, Nobody is perfect and who cares if I mess something up!

Now teaching has really become a place where I’m able to be who I truly am, believe it or not. I’m not a strict teacher at all, I like to laugh, be my goofy self, and sometimes I even sing! Which I never thought I would be comfortable or confident enough to do in front of anyone ever! But I’ve totally allowed myself to relax, let go, and whenever my inner critic starts up, I fight back!

I can’t express to you how important it is to work on you, that inner critic, and whatever it is that holds you back. If you don’t know what’s holding you back, what better reason do you have than to start trying to figure that out right now? You never know what that could mean for you. If I can face and conquer my fear of public speaking, You can overcome your fears too, and I can give you the tools to do that. Hell you could end up doing the one thing you were the most scared to do, and you could end up loving it!

Unapologetically Me: Fearless & Flawed gets started on June 3rd — Early Registration is open now!! Sign up with this link!

Feeling inspired and want to get to work now?? Do my free Dare to Roar Challenge to get a small taste of what to expect in June! Use this link to get started! http://bit.ly/2OMg7Ae

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“Share your story with someone. You never know how one sentence of your life story could inspire someone to rewrite their own.” -Demi Lovato 

Mommy Monday: Megan Rix

Mommy Monday: Megan Rix

from the Blog, “This Anchored Life: Measured by Love & Spoons”

This blog post goes out to all the moms raising strong willed child. Anyone who has a sweet, kind toddler, who sits quietly in a restaurant coloring or plays alone while you get things done will probably not understand this at all and will most likely think I am a horrible mom. But, I’m willing to lend my sassy pants beauty over for a trip to the grocery store in case you’re curious. Or just go to my google search history and see how many times I’ve typed the words, “activities for a strong willed child” and maybe that will give you some insight.

It’s funny. We say “strong willed” because calling your own kid an expletive that starts with an a and rhymes with shmashole is frowned upon in society. Don’t get me wrong, I love my little human so much it hurts. I would never try to coerce her strong willed character out of her. I know that it will make her into an assertive, brave, and confident young woman one day. But that doesn’t mean I am oblivious to how much she will test my human will on her way to becoming that strong young woman.

To begin, there’s consistent use of the word no. I’m not talking about the average toddler use of the word no. I’m talking about this being my child’s favorite word. A word that is used hundreds of times a day in defiance. A word that is said with brute force, attitude, and bellowed at a decibel that once again makes my neighbors (and anyone in public really) question my ability to parent. If you are a parent to a strong willed child, you know exactly what happens when you try to win the battle of “no” and challenge them to do something they have clearly indicated will not be done. I like to follow up these challenges with a bottle of champagne.          

Then there are the facial expressions. Little miss thang has a WTF face that literally makes me slightly afraid of her. It’s like she’s flipping you off with her eyes. It is even a running joke in my circle of friends that Mack is going to need Botox soon, because the wrinkles between her eyebrows will be so deep from frowning by then that she’ll have no hope by the time she’s 30. You receive this look anytime you try to initiate a conversation within 30 minutes of her waking up. When you get her juice-to-water ratio wrong. If you ask her to climb down from something or hand over a sharp object. If you try to stop her from eating dirt, marbles, plastic, legos, or prevent her from licking the sliding glass door. Or simply if she doesn’t like your face. Want to know what goes along with those facial expressions? Reread the paragraph above this one. 



No one is exempt from her attitude…most especially her big brother. My kids could not be any more opposite and what Mack possesses in sass, Grant carries equally in sensitivity. He’s the boy you’ll want your daughter to marry when they’re older, but right now he’s just an easy target. Mack knows exactly which buttons to push and spends her day antagonizing poor G by stealing whatever he’s currently holding, pulling his hair, kicking him in the face from her carseat, and my personal favorite, lying on the ground fake crying when he’s having a meltdown. No, not for attention. Because at 2, she is making fun of him by mimicking him.    

Mack is also fearless. To date, she has climbed the refrigerator, walked into my room with a butcher knife which she retrieved after scaling the cabinets with her toes, jumped off of every tall surface in our house, tipped the dining room chairs over a dozen times as she tried to tightrope walk across the backs of them. Fallen off the trash can. You get the idea. Daddy also had to build her a special frame on the floor for her crib bed to sit on because she could crawl out before she was a year old. 

Research you say? Yep, I’ve done that. I’ve read tons of mommy blogs and online articles. Basically the most consistent advice for not losing your mind is to put your seatbelt on, hold on for dear life, and harness patience from Tibetan monks. Oh, and love them like crazy, because one day that strong will is going to serve them abundantly in life. Until then, I will find the joy in watching her chug her sippy cup of “appy juice” and then hurl it to the ground like a viking warrior.

Because there is also an incredibly sweet and cuddly side to Miss Mack. One that melts your heart and leads you to cover her chubby little cheeks in kisses. She loves exclaiming that she loves you at random times, with as much gusto as her exclamation of “no!”. She loves when you read her books. She loves to share her snacks (on her terms). She loves to be rocked to sleep and while this can sometimes take up to an hour at night, I relish this time because in those quiet moments, when she’s snuggled in my arms, all is right in the world. I remember that the years when she will too big to sit on my lap will come fast and furious, just like her current attitude. I remember that even though she came at me with a right hook when I tried to put her hair in a ponytail, one day we will do all the things I still love to do with my mom. Even though I am married with my own children, my mom is still my best friend. I hope Mack looks at me that same way too.

So if you have a strong willed child, I see you. I understand you when other parents try to give you advice you’ve already tried, or tell you that it’s a phase, or that all kids are this way at some point. Side note, they’re not. I see the expression you make when people say, “just bring the kids with you, they’ll be fine.” I’m with you eating at home because restaurant trips are like the odds in Vegas. Not good. I feel your pain when you get looks of disapproval from strangers…because why yes, perfect stranger, I absolutely train my child to have epic meltdowns every time they come in contact with other humans.

One day, we’ll all sit back and smile when our strong willed children become CEO’s and professional athletes. The one thing I know for sure is that when people ask me if I am having any more kids.

My answer is one word.



Rip Off Your Label!

Ripping Off Your Label

It can be suffocating to have all of these labels thrust upon us as women in today’s world. Instead of letting the negative labels hurt you and your future, rip those off and stick new ones on instead! I made a worksheet you can use below to help you work through your personal labels. Tell me in the comments:

What label are you dropping? What label are you replacing it with?

Sharing is Caring!!

Self Care Sunday

20 Things To Give Yourself Permission for:

1.) Rest
2.) To laugh
3.) To play
4.) Make mistakes
5.) To say “no”  to demands on my time that are simply draining
6.) To say “yes” to what I want
7.) To fulfill my childhood/lifelong dreams
8.) To ask for what I want
9.) To be who I am
10.) To try again
11.) To have fun
12.) To design my own life
13.) To ignore the haters
14.) To stay focused on what’s important to me
15.) To be whatever body shape I want to be
16.) To be imperfect
18.) To stop caring what others think of me
19.) To write a shitty first draft
20.) To create

Friday Feature – Megan Butler – Green Gables State of Mind

Reading for a Break from the World

By Guest Blogger: Megan Butler

A Quick introduction about Megan, from me, Hillary the Smart Lioness 🙂  So I don’t know if you have discovered Megan Butler’s blog, Green Gables State of Mind, BUT if you LOVE to read, or even remotely interested in giving reading another shot (It’s good for your cognitive health & ultimately is linked with the decreased likelihood of developing Alzheimers Disease.) Megan will be able to at least convince you to TRY, because she’s such a good writer and just really knows how to explain a book in the most perfect of ways!

But back to the point!! Megan and I grew up together in a small private school from 1st grade until around 9th grade (when I to moved to public school). Megan and I weren’t besties or anything but I do remember going over to her house once when we were in maybe middle school? I don’t know, but I remember having fun! Plus, I admired her a lot for her intelligence and just overall joyful attitude she always seems to have. When I came across her name on Instagram, I thought, “holy moly!” Its been FOREVER!! Which then lead me to find her blog, then lead me to binge read like, all of her posts because she is an amazing writer and I couldn’t stop! SO, naturally I reached out! (just kidding, not natural, it took some mustering of courage, no one likes rejection!) But I did it! And here we are!

So a little more about Megan..

Megan is a Dentist in Atlanta, Georgia now, but she and her husband have lived ALL over the country, which, I think, is SO cool! But let’s get on with the good stuff!!  I asked Megan to do a guest blog for me on some good reading for an escape, since anxiety and stress seem to be at an all time high lately!! Reading is a great coping skill/mechanism that is both healthy and fun IF you find the perfect book for YOU! I asked and she did not disappoint!! ENJOY!!

Megan Butler, Guest Blogger

Hi y’all, my name is Megan and I write a blog over at Green Gables State of Mind.  I absolutely love to read and find book recommendations for friends and family, so when Hillary asked me to write a post I jumped at the chance!

Do you read for an escape? I know I do. Although I also enjoy reading books to learn new things or to motivate myself for self-improvement, sometimes I just need a break from the stress of work or bills and just enjoy a really good story.  So when Hillary asked me to write a book post for y’all, I thought it might be helpful to post a synopsis of some of the books I’ve been reading lately! Most of these are newer releases  that have been receiving a lot of buzz and should be available at your local bookstore!

I picked a few different genres to give a good bit of variety depending on your reading “mood.” Hope you find a book you love! Happy reading everyone.

For a novel of female friendship and a coming-of-age story, check out
Marlena by Julie Buntin

What’s it All About?

The title character in Marlena and her best friend, Cat, avoided the social drama of their own high school because they were entirely too busy with their own.  Cat has recently moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with her mom and brother after her parent’s divorce.  Cat is forced to leave her beloved private school friends into a not-so-savory area of her new town, in an unfriendly high school, while dealing with the fallout of her parent’s separation and her own mood swings. She has decided she will shed her former identity with her former home – no more of her studious, preppy persona. She deceives her mother (who is busy dealing with her own grief via boxed Franzia) and, instead of attending school for the first few weeks, ditches it to hang out with Marlena and her group of friends.

She tries alcohol for the first time, which shapes her adulthood in unexpected ways. She has her first major boy crush and wades into the waters of flirtation and dating. Her makeup-free face becomes rimmed with eyeliner and too much blush, her attitude becomes surly, and in general becomes a mostly-insufferable adolescent.  Some of the passages in the book take me back to my own fashion disasters (BLUE EYESHADOW, y’all). I also would cringe while reading the scenes between Marlena and her mom, remembering all those times I snapped back or said hurtful things to my own mother. Most of all, the book takes me back to the time when everything felt so BIG and IMPORTANT, like what type of binder I used at school and whether or not so-and-so talked to me at the football game.

This book is about the memory of Marlena – because, as you’ll find out on the front book jacket (no spoilers I promise!), Marlena dies within the year by drowning…at least that’s what the police believes. We are hearing flashbacks from adult-Cat, an NYC career woman with a fiancé and a dependence on martinis, as she reflects on her fifteen-year-old view of Marlena versus the current, adult perception.

Initially, Cat was so entranced by the seeming exoticism of Marlena’s life that she overlooked the darker, grimier aspects of it. Cat and Marlena’s intense bond stemmed from their mutual (and differing) demons. Like Cat, Marlena’s family was disjointed and dysfuntional – though to a much greater degree. Marlena’s father was involved in drug dealing and often left his younger son in the care of his daughter.  As their next door neighbor, Cat often witnessed the family’s comings and goings, and held a deep fascination with Marlena’s life – as a teenager, Cat found it exotic and adventurous and dangerous in an alluring way. As an adult, Cat realizes how truly horrific Marlena’s life actually was.

Cat, despite her facade of being street-wise, was actually incredibly naive. Despite spending virtually every day with Marlena, Cat didn’t fully understand the repercussions of Marlena’s strict pill schedule – an upper in the morning, a downer after lunch and dinner or whenever things were getting a little too tough – and her backpack version of a pharmacy.  It’s only when looking back, seventeen years after her death, that Cat begins to understand the gravity of Marlena’s life, and blames herself for her passive role in her death.

Despite the dark subject matter and age of the main characters, this book doesn’t delve into the schmaltzy or overwrought. The author is fully aware of the ease in which this book could dive into eye-roll inducing angst, but she cleverly avoids it with her chapters in the present day, when adult Cat reflects on the moodiness of her 15-year-old self:

Great loneliness, profound isolation, a cataclysmic, overpowering sense of being misunderstood. When does that kind of deep feeling just stop? Where does it go? At fifteen, the world ended over and over and over again. To be so young is a kind of self-violence. No foresight, an inflated sense of wisdom, and yet you’re still responsible for your mistakes.”

So, if you’re looking for a gritty, intense teenage drama with adult themes, this book is an intriguing choice.

…For a feminist and funny tale, check out:

Young Jane Young by Gabrielle Zevin

What’s It All About?

Young Jane Young is a slightly lighter turn from Marlena, though it still packs a punch. Young Jane Young stars Aviva Grossman, an ambitious and intelligent Congressional intern in Florida who has an affair with her well-regarded but very married boss and blogs about it in the similar vein to Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. When the affair is exposed, the Congressman doesn’t get the blame, but Aviva does, and her political career self-destructs before it truly begins. She becomes a laughingstock of the political world and a slut-shamed ex-employee. Forced to reinvent herself in Maine, Aviva changes her name to Jane Young and starts over. However, as her daughter grows up and Jane again considers public service, her past comes back to haunt her once again.

Though this story line sounds like it could potentially become over dramatic and cheesy,  it doesn’t because Ms. Zevin is too talented of a writer to slip into those pitfalls. Instead, this book takes a heaping amount of humor and a perceptive outlook on the common human weaknesses we all have to write a feminist, realistic story of how we can never truly outlive our past. This novel also exposes the double standard and misogyny that politics (as well as a litany of other career paths) display toward its female employees. Lastly, the story makes us question our tendency to quickly judge people based on a headline or rumor, without examining or asking questions from the other side.

My favorite aspect of this novel was how the story was split amongst the different female characters of the story – Aviva, Aviva’s daughter Rachel, and the Congressman’s wife – and their different experiences as women in this story. Each woman is incredibly real, human, and flawed, which adds a dimension of realism to a story that could easily seem oversensational. The true message behind feminism, after all, is the appreciation of the different life experiences of all women, and this story brings that idea to the forefront.

…For a Mediteranean romance, try

Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

What’s it All About?

Confession: I absolutely love books set in far away places, and I partially love this book just because it was set in the area of Italy where my husband and I went on our honeymoon. Cinque Terre is just as much of a dream in reality as it is in stories, friends! But there are other legitimate reasons to love this novel for an escape! The story begins in 1962 along the Italian coastline, where an American starlet checks into a cozy inn, seeking an escape during her final days.

The story also flashes forward to the present day, when an elderly Italian man shows up on a movie studio’s back lot — searching for the mysterious woman he last saw at his hotel decades earlier.

This book has an extensive and eclectic cast of characters (including Richard Burton of all people!) and plays with themes of a fantasy world vs reality, of “what could have been” versus “what life actually is.” Although it is a romance story at its heart, it is also about relationships between friends and family. The main character, Pasquale, is well developed and intriguing, and the story is a quick read without feeling too light or superficial.  Though there are definitely heavier and dramatic sections of this book, this novel really is a perfect weekend escape read.  

…For a deep family drama that will make your life feel “normal” (or boring) by comparison, read:

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

What’s it All About?

Celeste Ng is a powerhouse author who had a blockbuster hit, Everything I Never Told You, a few years ago. She is known for her deep character studies of family life in suburban cities, and the hidden dramas all people have in the privacy of their two-story homes.

Her latest book, Little Fires Everywhere, was released on September 12 and seems to be another family drama smash hit. Set in the planned community of Shaker Heights, Ohio, this story opens with a house that has been burnt down, and then flashes back to the events leading up to the arson. It seems the main story centers around the children from two families – the Richardsons, who thrive on order and rules, and the Warrens, who rent their house from the Richardsons and throw rules out the window.

The four Richardson children are all fascinated with Mia Warren and her teenage daughter Pearl – of their bohemian lifestyle of constant moves and art projects, of Mia’s combination of odd jobs and creative endeavors, of Pearl’s thrift shop threads and Mia’s mysterious past. Conversely, Pearl is attracted to the privileged stability of the Richardson’s home – their morning rituals, their spring break ski trips, their clean houses and weekly schedules.

This unlikely friendship between two families is threatened when a third family (who are friends with the Richardsons) attempts to adopt a Chinese-American baby, and Mia and Mrs. Richardson take opposing sides in the custody battle.  As a result, Elena Richardson begins to dig into Mia’s past – with dramatic consequences.

This book was a complete page turner for me, and kept me hooked from beginning to end. Moreover, it had a great balance of humor, social critique, and drama. I highly recommend!

Hope one of these books fits your reading personality. Don’t hesitate to let me and Hillary know what you think. Plus, now it’s your turn – what books do you recommend for a little escape from reality? Can’t wait to hear your suggestions!

Wednesday Wisdom

Happy Hump day my lovely Lionesses!!

Welcome to the first edition of The Smart Lioness’ Wednesday Wisdom!! You can look forward to posts about the latest Psychological Research I’ve been reading, but in a way that’s super easy to digest and apply to your life!!

Today I’m going to be talking about some of the latest research on SEX! Yup! You read that right! Sex!! Sexuality is such an important topic of discussion today because there is SO much of it in the media and in our society as a whole. We have all heard the phrase, “sex sells” right? Sex DOES sell but we are selling more than we are educating and accepting the facts of sexuality today, especially, as it relates to women!

The University of Oxford did a study on sex and found that sex more often could actually “make you smarter.” This particular study, found that people who have sex MOST OFTEN scored higher on a test of cognitive abilities than the less sexually active group in the study. The people in this study also had “better verbal fluency” — meaning they were able to “name the most words or animals that started with the letter ‘F’ in one minute.” These research participants also did better on visual tests as well.

Over half of the participants (37) said that they have sex weekly, 26 of them reported having sex monthly, and 10 of the participants said that they never have sex.

The researchers of the study were unable to explain WHY these participants were performing better on these tests. “Maybe hormones like dopamine or oxytocin that are released during sex have something to do with it”, was one possibility that was mentioned. In addition, sex more often correlates to a more active life overall, which is connected to better brain functioning.”

However, there were some things to point out about the validity of this study. The study was small with only 73 individuals who participated. So, we can’t say that the study was big enough and included a sample that was representative of the population at large.

Which means we can’t DEFINITELY say that “sex once a week makes you smarter, but it doesn’t hurt!” And at the very least, more frequent sex can give you and your significant other more time to connect, and at the most it might just boost your brain power!” 


Source: “Science Just Gave Us Another Reason to Have More Sex,” Kasandra Brabaw; Refinery29

Gals That Brunch

 Happy Hump Day Lionesses!

It has been one hell of a week this week and its only Wednesday!! I have been super busy working on some new content, services, and products for you! An

d I’m going to be taking a more specific and focused route, so that I’m not providing you with so many random topics you completely lose your mind!

Now I bet you’re wondering what I’ll be focusing on.. huh?

Weeeeellllllllllllll, You’re going to have to stay curious for a wee bit longer! I will be letting you all know more info REAL SOON! I promise! 🙂

In other news, this coming up Saturday (September 9th, 2017) will be the first meeting of Gals That Brunch Dothan!! (@GalsThatBrunchDothan) Woop woop!! I’m so excited!!

So you are probably wondering what in the world is “Gals That Brunch Dothan?!” Well I’ll tell you…

One day I was on Instagram, just scrolling, looking through different hashtags and somewhere along the way, I came across an account called Gals That Brunch. (@GalsThatBrunch) & I thought to myself, “hey! I’m a gal who likes to brunch!” So I started digging deeper and found tons of different accounts of Gals That Brunch with different city titles attached! ( @galsthatbrunchbham is the other Chapter in Alabama.)

And it turns out that there are Chapters in 24 States and 29 Cities! Tiffany Accardi founded Gals That Brunch in 2015 when she moved from Colorado to Virginia Beach for a new job she had accepted. Tiffany didn’t know ANYONE in the new place she called home, so she created a way for herself to meet new friends by creating Gals That Brunch! In my opinion this is such a creative and wonderful way to meet new people and make new friends! And how brave of Tiffany to put herself out there like that! What if no one shows up?? Fortunately, that wasn’t a problem for her because 30 women ended up going to the first ever brunch!



Since then, Gals That Brunch has grown tremendously and still continues to grow as you are reading this post!!

After stalking a bunch of Gals That Brunch Instagram accounts and then finally their blog, I decided to step outside my comfort zone and email Tiffany and tell her that I was interested in starting a Chapter in my hometown, Dothan, Alabama. After staring at my email for several minutes I hit send!!

To my surprise, Tiffany emailed me back the next day and welcomed me with open arms! Honestly, I’ve never met someone so happy and bursting with love and kindness and caring for other people! And that was just through email!! Tiffany and I then scheduled a call to discuss how I could get the Dothan Chapter up and running as soon as possible!

When the day finally came for our phone meeting, God had different plans for me, and decided it was time for my best friend Brittan to go into labor (the night before) and she had her BEAUTIFUL baby boy Henry Davenport Jones! How wonderful is that name?! Don’t you just love it?!

Brittan & Henry <3


Needless to say, I did our phone meeting from the hospital instead of a more traditional location that day! So anyway, Tiffany explained to me how everything works and what I would need to do to get things off the ground running, and told me that I would be the City Leader of the Dothan Chapter of Gals that Brunch! So exciting! Well, I couldn’t wait to get started telling EVERYONE and inviting everyone and planning, etc!

So the big day is finally approaching this weekend and I’m ecstatic which is why I decided it was blog worthy! 😀

If you are in the Dothan (Wiregrass) area and want to join us Gals for brunch, you can join our group on Facebook to get all the details and RSVP (b/c I need to know a number of ladies to tell the restaurant!) Or just leave a comment here and tell me you are interested in joining us!


If you aren’t in the area and are interested in getting involved you can check and see if there is already a Chapter in your city or start your own Chapter! I just told you how EASY it was!! If you decide to start your own Chapter, be sure to come back and comment here to let me know!!

August is for Self Esteem!


Want to know a little bit more about my August Challenge and courses??

“I will not be another flower picked for my beauty and left to die, I will be wild,difficult to find, and impossible to forget!.”

For my NEW AUGUST Challenge (if you sign up to join the fun) (first time $14.99, 2nd $9.99) you will be added to a “secret” group on Facebook just for women. In this group there will be daily interaction with me and activities, all of which will contribute to improving your mental health & self esteem whether you realize it or not.

The First step of the process will be a meet and great with everyone who has joined the challenge with a live group discussion. This means we will meet in the group on Facebook at certain prescheduled time to hold GROUP discussions. — Taking part in group discussions will help build confidence in yourself as well as allow you to make some new friends who are healthy for you and your life’s direction. Not to mention it helps to build a team atmosphere. You of course are not required to attend these, I realize you have a life! But there will be a several scheduled throughout the month so hopefully everyone can go to at least one.

For each day of the month of August you will be assigned a different task/assignment to complete and then report back to the group how it went (with details). You will also schedule your Meet & Greet chat with me  upon sign up & receive a welcome packet with a few personal assessments to complete and return to me so that I can score them, as well as get an idea of what you have going on & and can be somewhat prepared before we meet for the first time.



If you are concerned with privacy, payments or anything else associated with completing the challenge please let me know!!

However, if you follow the plan laid out for you and participate in the various things I ask of you, YOU WILL begin to see a difference in how you feel about yourself. The process depends on you! I can lead you to water but I cannot make you drink it!!! 🙂

The key to happiness lies within you. The willingness to change and grow are the keys to your happiness. When you are ready to stop living in a black and white world, and trade it for a life full of color, join The Smart Lioness Pride. Until then… I wish you all the best in everything you do!


**Also you have multiple options to pick from to begin working on yourself. If you don’t see something that fits for you and what you are dealing with, or what you need help with, please contact me and let me know! I can come up with a plan that will meet your specific needs!

  • To be able to get this kind of one on one, customized care in the mental health facility, you would normally spend anywhere from $75-$250 PER HOUR for sessions!!

  • You would also have to wait months to be seen for your first appointment and in between each appointment

  • Then sit in a waiting room for hours while you wait to see someone…

  • THEN add in the fact that insurance makes it even more difficult for you to get the help you need AND puts limits on how long you have to do it!

    With Hillary The Smart Lioness, you don’t have to wait weeks for an appointment, appointments are made to be flexible and convienent for you. Schedule anytime between the hours of  7 AM & 9:00 PM – When you sign up for my W.O.R.T.H. Course, pay $30 more for unlimited online journaling for August AND September!! Holy smokes you can’t beat that folks!!!


    Click on the “UYIL” tab to see the courses available for August!!

FREE Affirmations PDF


Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

If you’re here because you watched my video, a BIIIGGG SHOUTOUT to you, THANKS so much for watching and coming here! Feel free to look around my site, read my story, and get to know me a little bit better! If you’re ready to join the Pride today, just click the tab “Join the Pride” and enter your information so you can get started today!

Here is your PDF from the video:Our Brain is Magic?

I decided all of this rainy weather calls for something special to lift your spirits!! SO, I’m giving you this gift of affirmations for you to pick from and practice saying to yourself!! BUT, you MUST say them OUT LOUD, and do so on a consistent and daily basis!! If you do this, EXACTLY HOW I have instructed, your brain will start to believe what you are saying is true!

In the same way a woman is brain washed into thinking she “will never find anyone that loves her as much as..” or that she’s stupid, or ugly, or worthless or whatever she’s been made to believe, you can train your brain to believe the positive things too! And why wouldn’t you?! Even if you haven’t been abused emotionally, do you believe in yourself 24/7 100% of the time?

If you do, well then good for you, but that’s rare! If I ever get to that point I’ll be surprised! And hey, you’re way ahead of a lot of us!

Anyway, affirmations can and do have REAL results! But YOU must do the work!

Daily Affirmation FREE

P.S. You can click on the picture at the top of this post & download it & use it as your  IPhone Wallpaper!! I’m just full of all kinds of surprises!! 🙂